About us and Products

About us

We are rapidly growing private seller online in costume jewelry industry from 2018. We are pleased to provide to our customers value products at affordable prices and keep our products updated following latest styles and designs working with our global partner providing a top quality gold and rhodium plated unique style jewelry in the UK and Europe. 

About Products

This is a Hypoallergenic jewellery. Externally, it is very close to the highest quality gold of 750. It is a handcraft high quality jewelry, and 99% non allergic and it is nickel free completely harmless to health. Jewelry is created with gold, rose gold, and rhodium plated metal using top quality Cubic Zirconia crystals, and Swarovski® crystals.
To extend that jewellery look is kept as new, we advice to follow the guidance.
  • Remove the jewellery before bath, swimming, or applying products - hairspray, perfumes, lotion or soap, as this could affect the surface and reduce the life of the plating, and can cause the surface of the crystals to tarnish.
  • Often/daily heavy sweating can affect jewellery surface.

  • If in one of very rare cases in some point it cause an allergy, than stop wearing this jewellery.
  • Don't work with that jewellery (house work with cleaning chemicals). Avoid contact with hard sharp surfaces, as this can cause scratch or ship jewellery surface or crystals.

  • Frequently the Jewelry can be cleaned up with dry ​cloth.

Thank you!